Blueprint Neurotherapeutics Network (BPN) for Small Molecules

The Neurotherapeutics Grand Challenge

Most nervous system disorders lack effective treatment, and most of the potential neurotherapeutic drugs identified in basic research do not make it to human testing:

  • Basic researchers often lack the resources to develop novel therapeutics strategies to the point where they can attract biopharmaceutical industry interest

  • Biopharmaceutical companies often hesitate to invest in neurotherapeutics development because there are few clinically validated targets or strategies, there is a long track record of failure, and many nervous system disorders affect relatively small populations.

The Blueprint Neurotherapeutics Network

The Blueprint Neurotherapeutics Network provides non-dilutive support for small molecule drug discovery and development, from hit-to-lead chemistry through phase I clinical testing. We offer funding for work that you wish to do yourself, access to NIH-funded contract research organizations (CROs) for activities that you prefer to outsource, and access to consultants with expertise in various aspects of drug discovery and development. You decide what combination of funding, CROs, and consultants will best fit your needs. Your institution gets assignment of the intellectual property rights to compounds discovered and developed within the program.

View the Blueprint Neurotherapeutics Q&A Webinar with Program Director Charles Cywin (April 14, 2022)

View the BPN poster The Blueprint Neurotherapeutic Network: Advancing Small Molecules Drug Discovery and Development Research into the Clinic(pdf, 1741 KB).

View all the Blueprint Neurotherapeutics funding opportunities.

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