Connectome Projects

The NIH Human Connectome Project (HCP) is an ambitious effort to develop and share knowledge about the structural and functional connectivity of the human brain. Beginning in 2010, Blueprint has funded a range of projects to reveal the patterns of connections in the human brain at a number of developmental stages, and in health and disease states. In addition, the Connectome Coordination Facility, funded by Blueprint in 2015, maintains a central data repository for HCP data and offers advice to the research community regarding data collection strategies and harmonization. Additional information about these projects can be found by clicking on the titles, below.

Award ID Title Investor Contacts Institution FOA Number Age Range Category
U54MH91657 Van Essen, David Van Essen, David RFA-MH-10-020 22-34 N/A
U01NS093650-01 Binder, Jeffery R. Medical College of Wisconsin PAR-14-281 18-50 Disease
U01MH109991-01 Sheline, Yvett I. University of Pennsylvania PAR-14-281 18-45 Disease
U01EY025858-01A1 Visscher, Kristina Maria University of Alabama at Birmingham PAR-14-281 19-89 Disease
U01MH110008-01 Narr, Katherine L. University of California Los Angeles PAR-14-281 20-65 Disease
U01MH108168-01 Whitfield-Garbrieli, Susan Massachusetts Institute of Technology PAR-14-281 14-15 Disease
U01MH110274 Lin, Weili University of North Carolina RFA-MH-16-160 0-5 Lifespan
U01AG52564 Van Essen, David Washington University RFA-AG-16-004 35-90+ Lifespan
U01MH109589 Van Essen, David Washington University RFA-MH-16-150 5-21 Lifespan
U01AG051218-01 Ringman, John M. University of Southern California PAR-14-281 45-80 Disease
U01EY025864-01 Tjan, Bosco S. University of Southern California PAR-14-281 18-80 Disease
UF1AG051197-01A1 Becker, James T. University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh PAR-14-281 50-89 Disease
U01MH108150-01A1 Sponheim, Scott R. University of Minnesota PAR-14-281 18-59 Disease
U01MH108148-01 Hong, L. Elliot University of Maryland Baltimore PAR-14-281 18-80 Disease
UF1AG051216-01A1 Li, Shi-Jiang Medical College of Wisconsin PAR-14-281 50-90 Disease
U01AG052943-01 Grossman, Murray University of Pennsylvania PAR-14-281 21+ Disease
U01MH109977-01 Shenton, Martha E. Brigham and Women's Hospital PAR-14-281 16-30 Disease
U01MH109985-01A1 Williams, Leanne Stanford University PAR-14-281 22-35 Disease
Non-NIH N/A N/A N/A 9-10 N/A
U01MH93765 Rosen, Bruce Massachusetts General Hospital RFA-MH-10-020 N/A