Current Drug Development Projects

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Title Disorder PI/Lead Investigator Institution
Developing nonmuscle II inhibitors for substance use relapse Substance Use Disorder Miller, Courtney A Scripps Florida
Non-addictive Angiotensin AT2 inhibitors for neuropathic pain relief Pain Katritch, Vsevolod University of Southern California
Developing a kinase inhibitor drug to treat spinal cord injury Spinal Cord Injury Al-Ali, Hassan University of Miami School of Medicine
Development of selective cannabinoid receptor 2 agonists for treatment of addiction Substance Use Disorder Shamloo, Mehrdad Stanford University
Optimization of EP2 Antagonists for Post-Seizure Cognitive Deficits Cognitive Impairment Post-Seizure Ganesh, Thota Emory University
Discovery of PSD95 protein-protein interaction inhibitors as novel non-opioid analgesics Pain Florio, Stephanie K Anagin
Development of a splicing modulator compound for familial dysautonomia Familial Dysautonomia Slaugenhaupt, Susan A Massachusetts General Hospital
Cyclic Peptides to Treat Cocaine Use Disorder Cocaine Use Disorder Aldrich, Jane V University of Florida