Blueprint Resources & Tools Library

Eighteen newly developed lines of genetically engineered mice will provide neuroscientists with a powerful set of tools to explore the development of a class of neurons central to the organization and function of neural circuits in the brain.

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This Blueprint-funded Resource supports the design, creation, and characterization of Cre-recombinase-expressing ("Cre-Driver") mouse lines on the C57B1/6 background, which can be used to drive expression of reporter genes and conditional-ready alleles in the mouse nervous system.
GENSAT (Gene Expression Nervous System Atlas) is an NIH-funded, publicly available gene expression atlas of the developing and adult central nervous system in the mouse.
NITRC is a free one-stop-shop for science researchers that need resources such as neuroimaging analysis software, publicly available data sets, or computing power. It was a “Biggest Bang for the Buck” winner of a 2015 HHS Innovates Award and a "Best Overall" winner of a 2009 Award, recognizing outstanding government IT programs.
NIF is a portal and customized search engine for neuroscience data, research tools and literature on the web.
The NIH Infant and Toddler Toolbox (aka the “NIH Baby Toolbox” or NBT) is in development as a neurodevelopmental measurement tool that will be targeted for both research and clinical use in children 1- to 42-months of age and primarily include direct/objective child assessment but also parent/guardian report, where appropriate.
A study to collect MRI scans and correlated behavioral data from ~ 500 healthy, typically developing children, from newborn to late adolescence. Imaging modalities include structural MRI, spectroscopy and diffusion tensor imaging.

Since 2013, the NIH NeuroBioBank has catalyzed scientific discovery through the centralization of resources aimed at the collection and distribution of human post-mortem brain tissue.

The NIH Toolbox provides brief, easy-to-administer tests of motor, cognitive, sensory and emotional function that can be used by researchers and clinicians in a variety of settings, with a particular emphasis on measuring outcomes both in longitudinal epidemiologic studies and prevention or intervention trials.
The NIH Blueprint Non-Human Primate (NHP) Atlas consists of a suite of gene expression data, neuroanatomical data and informatics tools for exploring the cellular and molecular architecture of the developing rhesus macaque brain. The atlas serves as a valuable reference tool for developmental neuroscience research.