BP MedTech Resources and Support Services

BP MedTech will support grantees by providing commercialization, verification, and validation resources. Resources anticipated to be provided by BP MedTech-funded incubator hubs are indicated by the “Hubs” label. All other resources will be provided through BP MedTech contracts.

Available resources are anticipated to include:

Design, Prototyping, and Risk Analysis

  • Electronics Manufacturing (Hubs)
  • Prototype Manufacturing (Hubs)
  • Design Optimization and Risk (Hubs)
  • Computational Modeling (Hubs)

Bench and Safety Testing

  • Electrical Safety (Hubs)
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (Hubs)
  • MR Testing (Hubs)
  • Software (Hubs)
  • Cybersecurity (Hubs)
  • Shelf-life Testing (Hubs)

Biocompatibility and Animal Studies

  • Biocompatibility Testing
  • Materials characterization and analytical chemistry
  • Sterilization testing/validation
  • Preclinical Studies – Animal Testing (GLP)
  • Preclinical Studies – Animal Testing (non-GLP) (Hubs)
  • Cadaver Testing (Hubs)

Clinical Support

  • Clinical trials
  • Biostatistics
  • Data Management
  • Neuroethics (Hubs)

Business Development

  • External Oversight Committee
  • Public-Private Partnerships – CRA, MTA
  • Entrepreneurship (Hubs)
  • Business Development (Hubs)
  • Market / User Research (Hubs)
  • Commercialization (Hubs)

Regulatory, Compliance, and Quality System

  • Regulatory Advising
  • QMS – Quality Management System – setup and audits 
  • GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice – setup and audits
  • Compliance
  • Legal - Intellectual Property (Hubs)