Hannah Lamont

D-SPAN Scholar
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Hannah Lamont
D-SPAN Scholar
F99 Phase:
Rutgers University
Vanessa Routh and Ioana Carcea

Hannah Lamont is a PhD Candidate in Neuroscience at Rutgers University. She independently managed her undergraduate education while working as a freelance harpist and caring for her 92-year-old grandmother living at the family home. This caregiving experience ignited her passion for improving the aging experience. Her interest in mind-body health interventions and biopsychosocial wellness spurred her to pursue graduate work at D’Youville College where she graduated summa cum laude with a chiropractic degree, an M.Sci. degree, and a clinical research certificate. Hannah’s doctoral research focuses on the neural mechanism underlying the relationship between social isolation and glucose homeostasis. Hannah’s long-term goal is to expand on this work to study how social connectivity and specific social relationships might mitigate age-related cognitive decline. Outside the lab, Hannah has organized a group of early career researchers focused on understanding and quantifying the social support needs of family caregivers. Her ‘stressbusting’ activities are walking and P.G. Wodehouse audiobooks.