Connectome Projects

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Award ID Title Investor Contacts Institution FOA Number Age Range Category
U01NS093650-01 The Epilepsy Connectome Project Binder, Jeffery R. Medical College of Wisconsin PAR-14-281 18-50 Disease
U01EY025864-01 Human Connectomes for Low Vision, Blindness, and Sight Restoration Tjan, Bosco S. University of Southern California PAR-14-281 18-80 Disease
U01MH109977-01 Human Connectome Project for Early Psychosis Shenton, Martha E. Brigham and Women's Hospital PAR-14-281 16-30 Disease
U01AG052943-01 Connectomic imaging in familial and sporadic frontotemporal degeneration Grossman, Murray University of Pennsylvania PAR-14-281 21+ Disease
UF1AG051216-01A1 Alzheimer's Disease Connectome Project Li, Shi-Jiang Medical College of Wisconsin PAR-14-281 50-90 Disease
U01MH108148-01 Amish Connectome Project on Mental Illness Hong, L. Elliot University of Maryland Baltimore PAR-14-281 18-80 Disease
U01MH108150-01A1 Neural Disconnection and Errant Visual Perception in Psychotic Psychopathology Sponheim, Scott R. University of Minnesota PAR-14-281 18-59 Disease
UF1AG051197-01A1 Connectomics of Brain Aging and Dementia Becker, James T. University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh PAR-14-281 50-89 Disease
U54MH91657 Mapping the Human Connectome: Structure, Function, and Heritability Van Essen, David Van Essen, David RFA-MH-10-020 22-34 N/A
U01MH109991-01 Dimensional connectomics of anxious misery Sheline, Yvett I. University of Pennsylvania PAR-14-281 18-45 Disease
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