Current Drug Development Projects

Title Disorder PI Investor Contacts Institution
Developing Non-Muscle Myosin II Inhibitors for Substance Use Relapse Stimulant use disorder Miller, Courtney Miller, Courtney Scripps Florida
Development of an Oral Analgesic for Neuropathic Pain Neuropathic Pain Buckpitt, Alan Buckpitt, Alan EicOsis, LLC
Development of Human 12/15-lioxygenase therapeutics for stroke Stroke van Leyen, Klaus van Leyen, Klaus Massachusetts General Hospital
Discovery of NaV1.7 Inhibitors for the Treatment of Pain Pain Mulcahy, John Vincent Mulcahy, John Vincent Siteone Therapeutics, Inc.
Discovery of non-addictive KOR antagonists for migraine prophylaxis Migraine van Orden, Lori Jean van Orden, Lori Jean Blackthorn Therapeutics
Discovery/Development of GABA-A Α5 Positive Allosteric Modulators for Treatment of MCI Due to AD Alzheimer's Disease Rozenzweig-Lipson, Sharon Rozenzweig-Lipson, Sharon AgeneBio, INC.
Inhibitors of TrkB Signaling Temporal Lobe Epilepsy McNamara, James McNamara, James Duke University
Kv7.2/7.3 Activators for the Treatment of Epilepsy Disorders Epilepsy Disorders Bozik, Michael Bozik, Michael Knopp Biosciences LLC
Optimization of Soluble Gamma-secretase Modulators for the Treatment of Alzheimer Alzheimer's Disease Wagner, Steven Lee Medeiros, Nelson UC San Diego, Massachusetts General Hospital
Orexin Receptor Antagonists for Drug Addiction and Panic Disorder Drug Addiction Kenny, Paul J Kenny, Paul J. Eolas Therapeutics, Inc.